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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
Veterinary Media Consultant

Senior Pets…New Science to Help
Prolong Their Quality of Life

David Merrick   on Pet Life Radio .........

..David Merrick


America’s pet population is graying.  Thanks to advances in pet nutrition, veterinary medicine and awareness of proactive health measures by pet owners, our furry companions are living longer and healthier lives.  But there are some issues that are still stymieing and frustrating veterinarians and pet owners alike – a pet’s decrease in mental sharpness that comes with age.  I see it happen to my client’s pets…I see it happening to me.  I hate it.   

Awareness of the need to improve the health of seniors is one of the newest areas of research and outreach in veterinary medicine.  A new association, the International Veterinary Senior Care Society, has been formed and my guest is the recently elected chair of its Board of Directors, Dave Merrick. 

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