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The Pet Doctor, Your Pet Health Matters on PetLifeRadio.comDr. Diane Levitan

Diane Levitan, DVM

Pain in our Pets: The Most Misdiagnosed Problem in Veterinary Medicine Part One: How to Recognize It.

Dr. Robin Downing  on Pet Life Radio ..........

...Dr. Robin Downing

I believe PAIN is the most under diagnosed problem in veterinary medicine today and I know that your pets will all benefit from this incredibly serious discussion about PAIN in our pets.  

I don’t have to tell listeners how hard it is to detect discomfort in our pets. Since we love them so much and are well attuned to their behaviors - after listening to this, everyone will feel much better about how to detect pain/discomfort in our pets- both dogs and cats. Our guest for this series, Dr Robin Downing, is quite an accomplished veterinarian.  Dr. Downing has dedicated herself and her career to helping recognize and treat pain in animals.  She is certified in 7 areas of specialized practice relating to pain and is a Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management.  Because this is such an huge and important topic… we will concentrate wholly on how to recognize pain in our pets in this part one of our series, and in part two of this series will discuss pain management. Now we recognize it, what can we do about it?  We are so happy you are listening and hope to raise awareness of discomfort in our pets!

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