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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM

No Animals Were Harmed
in the Making of This Film

Beth Langhorst on Pet Life Radio ........

..Beth Langhorst

Have you ever wondered how your favorite movie star or TV personality escaped from the burning building with only a bit of soot on their nose, survived a fall from a height taller than an Olympic high diver would ever consider or walked unscathed from the exploding airplane with nary a scratch?  Body doubles and expert stunt men and women along with some movie magic keep the stars safe.  But what happens when the personality is an animal?  Who protects them?

Beth Langhorst, a Safety Specialist for the American Humane Association is one of a cadre of dedicated animal welfare advocates that you will find on the set of movies and television productions that take animal safety seriously; productions that proudly display the 'No Animasl Were Harmed' tagline.  She will be my guest today and let us in on some of the behind the scenes safeguards for insects to pachyderms. 

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No Animals Were Harmed

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