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Cats and Potato Chips

Dr. Ben Hart on Pet Life Radio ........

..Dr. Ben Hart............................

I’ve heard it said, that cats are lick potato chips…you can’t have just one.  But mixing flavors like the British turkey and stuffing variety with flaming Cajun American snacks could leave a strange taste in your mouth.  If you are like me, you have multiple perpetrators of TV screen paw prints.  Sometimes a clowder (a collective of cats) works and sometimes it can have dire effects on your carpeting and sanity.

The new book, Your Ideal Cat co-authored by my guest Dr. Ben Hart; board certified veterinary behaviorist and his wife, Lynette Hart, a professor of veterinary medicine and human-animal behavior will  tell us how we can keep purrrrfect harmony in our homes.

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Benjamin L. Hart, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, has always taken a passionate interest in animal behavior, which has had an immense effect on his life's work. At UC Davis he developed the first comprehensive teaching program in companion animal behavior and was chief of the Behavior Service in the veterinary hospital. He is the author of almost two hundred publications, many of which focus on resolving behavior problems in cats.Lynette A. Hart studied animal communication during her doctoral education at Rutgers University. She was founding director of the Center for Animals in Society at the University of California, and among her approximately one hundred publications are landmark studies on the socializing effects of animals for people with disabilities, and the grieving process associated with the death of a beloved companion animal. She was instrumental in establishing the country's first pet loss support hotline.

Benjamin L. Hart, DVM, Ph.D.

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