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Carlos Campos, DVM…
America’s Favorite Veterinarian

Dr. Carlos Campos on Pet Life Radio ........

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Every time there is a survey to determine which profession is most respected and trusted, veterinarians always rank toward the top.  But does America have a favorite veterinarian?  Yes, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation it is Dr. Carlos Campos of Spring Hill, Florida. After we chat you will see why he is so special.

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Dr. Carlos Campos on Pet Life Radio


Dr. Carlos Campos grew up in the suburbs of Guatemala City and moved to the United States with his parents and siblings when he was 14. He graduated from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, in 2002 and now owns and practices at San Francis Veterinary Hospital in Spring Hill, Florida, the companion animal clinic he founded in February 2010. Previously he served as a veterinarian at Blake Veterinary Hospital in Dade City, Florida and at Country Oaks Animal Hospital of Pasco County in New Port Richey, Florida. He is president of the Suncoast Veterinary Association and has participated on the Animal Control Advisory Committee of Pasco County since 2004. He is a member of the AVMA and Florida VMA as well as a 3rd Degree Knight with the Knights of Columbus, Father Felix Ullrich Council 5869.

AVMF Names Dr. Carlos Campos "America's Favorite Veterinarian"

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