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The Pet Doctor, Your Pet Health Matters on PetLifeRadio.comBernadine D. Cruz, DVM, host of The Pet Doctor

Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
Veterinary Media Consultant

Why Good Pets Seem to Go Bad and
How to Prevent It

Dr. Rolan Tripp

...Dr. Rolan Tripp


Unwanted pet behavior is a leading cause of pet neglect, abuse, surrender, and euthanasia!  It would seem so simple to train a dog or cat to be a welcome member of the family but that is not always the case.  Issues may be with the pet.  It may be just a bit more tenacious in exhibiting behaviors that are less than endearing.  Or with an owner that doesn’t realize the need for consistent, compassionate training and attention.  Any parent who has had more than one child will know that no two children are alike.  The same is true for pets.  Even if you have had pets for years, each pet presents his or her unique challenges. 

Today’s guest is Dr. Rolan Tripp.  He is a veterinarian whose passion is insuring that each pet starts off on the right paw and that both owner and pet experience a loving, healthy relationship.


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