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..First Aid For Pets

Lisa Wagner  on Pet Life Radio ...............

Lisa Wagner

Do you have what you need in your first aid kit? Listen to this show to find out what you need to add to your kit for your pets.  Would you know how to stop the blood if kitty or rover cut his paw? Lisa Wagner from joins Deborah to talk about first aid for pets. Cats and dogs are different from humans making first aid different too.  Add to that the fact that pet emergencies tend to happen far away from help or often when every thing is closed, and you need some basic skills to keep your pets safe in emergencies.  Deborah tells you about some close calls describing how Mike was saved by the Vet at Starbucks,  and Chopper went to the clinic with half a bench in his body. Walks And Wags Pet First Aid courses teach you what you need to know in just ten hours of classroom time.  You can also take the course long distance.  And you can become and instructor yourself and set up a franchise teaching pet first aid to the pet lovers where you live with only ten hours more. 

Learn CPR, AR and basic skills like how to stop the bleeding and clean wounds so that you’ll know when you need to go to the Vet and when you don’t. Once you’ve got this course you can save the day for pets wherever you might happen to be when a situation occurs or you can also put yourself where you’ll be needed volunteering for Noah’s Wish (see episode 30 and click on the AOL pawnation article posted there to read more). Lisa will be volunteering in Guatemala coming up with a world wide Vet care organization putting her skills to good use and she’ll tell us all about it when she comes back to Animal Party right after. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Wolfe Pack for free at to see pics, video clips, the birth of the seven Standard Poodle puppies, and so much more including free pet advice to all pack members.

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