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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM

Debunking the Myth:
A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure

Erinne Branter  on Pet Life Radio........

..Dr. Erinne Branter .............................


There is an adage attributed to surgeons..a chance to cut is a chance to cure.  For a time, this statement was probably true.  A doctor had a limited number of ways of seeing what was going on inside of a body and correcting a problem.  Now humans and animals are benefiting from myriad of minimally invasive procedures that can diagnose, treat and often cure conditions where previously a scalpel could never go. 

Erinne Branter is a board certified veterinary internist at Advanced Critical Care, Emergency and Specialty Services in Los Angeles who has harnessed the magic of interventional radiology and endoscopy.

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Erinne Branter grew up in Victoria, BC, Canada. She completedher Bachelor of Science at the University of Victoria. Uponcompletion she attended the University of Melbourne Veterinary School in Australia and graduated with Honors in 2006. Following veterinary school, she completed a small animal rotating surgical and medicine internship at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, NY. Erinne then completed a 3 year small animal internal medicine residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received board certification in 2011. During her residency she developed a strong interest in Interventional radiology/Endoscopy, and went on to complete the first year long, full-time IR/IE Fellowship at the Animal Medical Center, NYC. Dr. Branter will be heading our Interventional Radiology/Endoscopy department here at ACCESS

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