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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
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Extending an International
Paw of Kindness

Richard Massa

...Richard Massa


Travel a few minutes south of San Diego, CA, and you will find a distressingly large number of people and pets trying to scratch out a meager living in Tijuana, Mexico.  Dogs and cats often have to fend for themselves, searching for bits of food where ever they can find it.  Tragically, pet overpopulation is kept in check by unnecessarily short life spans.  Lives cut short due to lack of routine medical care.  Thanks to the efforts of a band of volunteers, the Humane Society of Tijuana is improving the lives of the pets and people in some of the poorest sections of this border town. 

Today’s guest is Richard Massa.  He is the president of the Friends of the Humane Society of Tijuana.


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