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Karen Roberts


Karen Roberts is an award-winning children’s book author who promotes animal kindness in many ways to people of all ages. Join us on this special Valentine’s Day-themed episode as Roberts unleashes the purest type of love – puppy love. This South Floridian will inspire and motivate you to adopt rescue pets and treat them to loving and forever homes. And, if you are looking for a grrr-eat Valentine’s Day gift, consider her two latest books: The Little Blue Dog and A Terrier’s Tale.

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Karen J. Roberts has her BA degree in English from Syracuse University and has spent her professional career in Healthcare Information Technology. An avid animal lover and pet owner her whole life, her true passion is animal advocacy. As a writer, humane educator, animal rescue volunteer, animal rights advocate, and vegan, Karen feels a deep connection to a cruelty-free lifestyle and believes each of us can make choices that contribute to a more compassionate world for all living creatures. She shares her peaceful life in Wellington, Florida with her six dogs and one cat.




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