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Erin Skillen on Pet Life Radio ........ Mike Wavrecan on Pet Life Radio

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How can helping a stray dog or cat in a third world country improve the health of the local community, the nation, and volunteer animal caregivers thousands of miles away?  It's amazing what a little compassion, a lot of hard work and some dedicated volunteers can accomplish.  My guests are Erin Skillen and Michael Wavrecan of of May Street Productions Ltd.  They're Canadian award-winning producers of entertaining television with substance.  Tune in to hear about a fascinating project they're involved with. 

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Erin Skillen

Erin balances comfortably between the dorky, paperwork-loving side of producing and the creative, entertaining side.

With a passion for producing, writing and research, she has put her oddly compatible skillset to use on productions for CBC, Animal Planet Canada, CTV, Vision, History, Chum, Bravo! and APTN.

Her love for all sides of production was best illustrated when she was the Writer/Producer/Co-Director and Host for both Mr. Right is Stuck in Traffic and Gone Wild. She also shot, directed and produced May Street’s first web series Vets Without Borders. As she’s the one writing these bios, she’s not sure what else to say about herself, so she’ll just leave it at this.

Mike Wavrecan

Our resident tech guru Mike is such a talented producer, director and editor that we’ve given him his own tagline: “It’s hard being awesome.”

Always dancing ahead of the curve, Mike has held our hands and led us into the brave new world of interactive content. In the transmedia realm he has produced our award-winning Tiga Talk! iPhone app, and Beyond interactive, he’s edited all four seasons of the Tiga Talk! series, as well as many other May Street projects.

Mike’s broadcast credits include CityTV, A Channel (CTV Two), Bravo!, CTV Travel, APTN, Much Music, Global Television, History, W Network, Discovery, VisionTV and Movie Central. Through over ten years of production, Mike has developed a broad range of experience in reality television, action sports, documentary, & features. He’s got a keen eye for aesthetics and makes sure that no matter what we’re doing, it looks and sounds great. If it doesn’t, we’re in big trouble. We’ve learned that the hard way. These tech guys can be nasty.

Vets Without Borders" - 5 min. demo

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