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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM

Great New Ways to Protect- Watch-
Communicate with Your Pets

Yulia Zimmerman on Pet Life Radio ........ Johnny Dumas on Pet Life Radio

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We treat them like our kids…day care, psychics, designer clothing, all sorts of gizmos, gadgets and toys to keep them happy but are keeping them safe? What are they doing when we aren’t with them? Are they getting into trouble in the house or just miss us? And can we keep them safe from predators even when we are by their sides?

My two guests have developed two amazing products that will help us communicate with our pets and keep them out of the jaws of danger.

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Yulia Zimmerman

Business Development and Operations Manager with a passion to find unique efficient solutions to the problem. Proactive and resourceful, I get empowered by people I work with, and always seek inspiration and new knowledge in everything around us.

Experienced in both business and cross-disciplinary media, I enjoy working with every team member on many aspects of the project – from prototyping to the future sales strategies.

Skill range: operations, business development, project management; visual design, digital photography, videography, creative concepts; communications, brand strategies, market research and analysis.

Johnny Dumas

Johnny Dwayne Dumas Jr. has always been a peoples person,

Having a background in marketing and advertising,

He has always sold and presented products. Now having a product of his own he is spreading the word far, and wide. His mother was an inventor, and pushed him to stay creatively busy with art, choir, or sports. In high school he became a chamber singer, expanding his love for musical entertainment, and he also became the starting full back for his High school.

After graduating he moved to San Diego to expand his entrepreneur career. Once settled in San Diego he attended U.E.I’s business courses which gave him the beginning tools needed to created presentations, graphs, charts, marketing, advertising, and public speaking.

At that time for money he produced music for local videos and commercials, and worked nights as security for the Star Bar in the Gaslamp, but Johnny knew if wanted to be a successful business man he would have to learn the intellectual property business; so his mother and himself became involved with SDIF or San Diego’s inventor’s form.

He sat in the back of every meeting and learned about cost, materials, manufacturing, marketing, investing, law, and learned this from C.E.O’s of very well established companies. Now that he had the business foundation to proceed, he established himself as a business and put this thoughts to paper, and the rest is history in the making.


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